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  1. About TechXimum
    April, 2014
    Started in 2014

    We began operations in 2014 from Melbourne, Australia and our team is growing stronger by the day. With our core values and objective being to serve every customer with the same kind of passion and dedication, we have amassed a large number of clients over the years ranging from small businesses and mid-sized firms to conglomerates. We are relentless in our pursuit of quality and value addition and timeliness of delivery are our hallmarks.

We work with your business structure in mind

More often than not businesses don’t get tailor made solutions and services that are perfect for their functioning. They have to make do with off the shelf products and this takes a toll on productivity and throughput. We however offer only personalized services and our packages are cost effective and efficient too!

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Meet with us and get started!

We are a bunch of tech enthusiasts with a keen eye for detail. We believe in undertaking a study of the market and your business before getting to work.

about TechXium Solutions

Guaranteed Quality

Great ROI

Great ROI

Improved Online Presence

Improved Online Presence

Focus on the Big Picture

Focus on the Big Picture

Round The Clock Support
Round the clock support

We offer assistance round the clock. You can get in touch with us for any queries and we’ll respond at the earliest! Dedicated support and availability is one of our USPs.

TechXimum Team
Great Team

We are a team that likes to keep itself updated and considers every project a challenge and a learning opportunity. We work hard towards bringing something valuable to the table and we involve you in all discussions too!

Website Performance
Guaranteed Performance

We pride ourselves in the fact that we give you measurable metrics which is usually not the case with web development, marketing and SEO services. We’ll set a goal and work towards achieving it and the results will be shared with you all the way!