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SEO Marketing Stats

15 SEO Marketing Stats for 2018 and What They Mean For You

SEO - TechXimum Solutions - January 31, 2018

Is your SEO campaign not delivering intended results? Do you wonder why your competitor’s website ranks top on the Search Engine Results…

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Google Fred Update

‘Fred Update’ was Not Alone: Google Continues to Ameliorate its Ranking Algorithm

SEO - TechXimum Solutions - August 10, 2017

‘Google’s Fred Update’ is series of search engine algorithm-improvement steps that the search engine leader has been taking for over the past…

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5 Tips to Recover Your Website from Penguin Update

SEO - TechXimum Solutions - August 4, 2017

Ever since Google came up with its Penguin update in 2012 it has given nightmares to business owners and online marketers. With…

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Time to Approach With SEO

Time To Provide Your Website An All-inclusive SEO Approach

SEO - TechXimum Solutions - June 29, 2017

Recently, Google has made some big changes in how websites rank. Most of the small businesses in Melbourne that run a website,…

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