Gain Expertise and Minimize Costs

Do you want to develop an inspiring website? Is your business in need of a robust mobile app? Do you aspire to add more teeth to your digital marketing campaign? Well you can’t afford to have an in-house team of experts for all of them so why not outsource. At TechXimum we are the leading digital agency offering you all these services and many more.

We have the right team to lend expertise to your project and also cut down on costs of these tasks using an industrious model. We shall work as an extension of your team and deliver quality products and services.

Passionate Team & Innovative Mind

At TechXimum we draw strength from our team as we have been able to build one brick by brick bringing in people who don’t just possess skills but are driven by passion and innovation. The fact that we have worked with clients from across industries has helped us sharpen our skills which reflects in the quality of products we create and the campaigns we run. Throw us a challenge and you will see TechXimum team at its best.

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Our Process


We stress on research as this allows us to understand your needs even miniscule ones


Our team prepares a detailed roadmap for success ensuring all your needs are fulfilled


We meticulously execute your project walking the planned part and also improvising


Whether it is your website, mobile app or marketing campaign every project passes rigorous testing


We offer you 24 hours support throughout the engagement process

Our Professional Services

Expert Professionals

We have hand-picked experts for each of our services and hence you will have access to people whom you cannot normally hire under your payrolls.

One-Stop Agency

We have a wide bouquet of services and solutions starting from web development and mobile development to digital marketing. You won’t have to look elsewhere

Cost Effective

Outsourcing helps you reduce cost of development and marketing substantially. We have engineered our services to offer you maximum savings.


Our team isn’t just technically sound but creative as well. We keep track of the latest trends in the market and implement them in your project.

Turnaround Time

Given our expertise and the large team we have we are able to reduce turnaround time. From concept to delivery we shall impress you with our speed.

Fit All Pockets

Not all clients have the same spending prowess and hence we offer a wide range of packages that are aimed at meeting everyone’s pocket and needs.