Search Engine Marketing

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Draw Leverage From Search Engine Marketing

Every business needs to undertake a Search Engine Marketing campaign to stay relevant in today’s tech savvy world. Often it is thought to be the same as Search Engine Optimization but SEO is merely a subset of SEM. At TechXimum we run the most rewarding SEM campaigns to help your website rank high on SERP, become an authority in your industry and draw quality signals from your digital presence.

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Organic Search Marketing

This is the core of your Search Engine Marketing efforts. This is what most people refer as Search Engine Optimization. Our marketing experts would create a comprehensive plan and carry out on-page and off-page optimization to help you attract traffic for targeted keywords. We analyse your website and competition to prepare a tailored strategy that delivers strong results.

Paid Search Marketing

Popularly known as PPC marketing this allows you to exercise complete control over your campaign and budget. Our team will create a master plan for your campaign, research on the keywords, bid on them and set up the campaign. We shall constantly monitor the progress of the campaign to ensure you get maximum rewards out of every dollar spent in the campaign.

How we deliver results?


SEO or PPC marketing starts with identifying the right set of keywords and key phrases and targeting them. We make sure these keywords have high search volumes and low competition.


Everything from your business, products, competition and target market is unique and hence we prepare a tailored roadmap for your success


Landing page is one of the most important parts of a SEM campaign and often decide its success. Our team would optimize your landing pages to turn visits into conversion


We review the progress of your campaign regularly and make changes whenever presented with a new opportunity. We send regular reports to keep you updated on the progress of the campaign.

Why SEM is Beneficial to your Business?

Cost Effective

SEM is the most cost-effective way of marketing your brand. It costs only a fraction of what traditional marketing would cost

Target Qualified User

Search engine marketing allows you to target qualified users. You can target keywords that users are likely to search

Online Visibility

With more than 85% of your traffic coming from the search engines you need to increase your online visibility to achieve success.

Lead Generation

SEM allows you to generate strong leads. It increases the number of queries which your marketing team can convert into sales.

Local Search

Strong presence on local search results can result in increased sales and with SEM you can achieve this easily.

Multi-Lingual Customers

SEM opens the door for targeting customers across geographies and languages that increase your reach.